Versatile accessories

Whatever the challenge, Amphibex is able to face it and succeed. To fulfill the requirements of a wide variety of marine and shore line jobs, Normrock offers a wide range of accessories.

The Amphibex (modèles 400 – 450 – 600 – 650 – 800 – 850 – 1000 – 1200) and Amphitransport AT300-- AT430 count on a variety of accessories that come as standard equipment. There are also great choices for options that make it possible to adapt it to the requirements and needs for industry.

  • For a complete listing of the standard equipment include with the Amphibex, consult the technical specifications of the products.
  • For the adaptable options for the Amphibex that fit your particular needs,
    contact us.

Other specialized equipment

Specialized equipment making it possible to handle large objects or to cut out stone and rock can also be installed on the Amphibex arm.

Communication and navigation

Normrock proposes a full choice of options with communications equipment and satellite positioning (GPS) that equip Amphibex.

Conical cutter head

Conical cutter head with two slury pump

Tight bucket

The tight bucket makes it possible to collect contaminated sediments without dispersing them and also makes it possible to excavate basic clay with ease.

Conventional bucket

The conventional bucket is used for all the construction work of any kind in a marine environment, blade bucket, ditch bucket… standard conventional buckets with 500 L (0.6 v3) and 800 L (1 v3).

Service Crane

The Amphibex and Amphitransport AT300 can be fitted with a service crane to help with heavy objects


The rake

Equipped with its three meter wide rake, Amphibex is the machine best adapted for the vegetation control operations.


Pumps and accessories

Amphibex has a range of accessories for excavation and pumping work of all kinds (bucket, bucket pump-shredder). The powerful Amphibex hydraulic pumping system makes it possible to push the residues collected more than one kilometre with excellent solid concentrations.


Hydraulic propulsion

This engine makes it possible to move the machine from 5 to 8 knots with ease.

Rotary head

Amphibex can be provided with a rotary head to facilitate ballast work and shore excavation.